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From our San Diego coordinator, "I'm a professional organizer, who is passionate about creating systems and environments that are practical and functional. I have helped people get back on track and get a grip on their surroundings.   By successfully making more room organizing areas that had been packed floor to ceiling with clutter, I was glad to help make their lives easier and more manageable.   My unique experience in the field has provided me with the ability to sort and organize all different types of areas.  I have been a business and home organizational consultant for 32 years and have provided my services to many, many customers.  I am glad to bring my experience in the organizer field to this valuable network, and we are ready to organize many more customers cluttered spaces! " 

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I'm so glad I chose to work with Isela. She helped me organize my condo after moving in. Its made my busy life so much easier! She gave me a lot of great tips and ideas. She's also very pleasant and nonjudgmental. 

Riley Jones

"I do not hesitate to say that she is so exceptional, that I have never met anyone in my career who is better organized and more diligent. She is highly competent, industrious, self motivated and has single handedly reorganized not only my office, but the entire department. She is such a treasure."


“I like you very much. I will definitely recommend you to my friends, you have been so helpful, and I'm eternally grateful.”

Ann Mathers

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